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Burnham Drama Showcase V

Performance dates 12th and 13th October 2018

Our showcase has now become a fixture in the calendar for the Friends of Burnhan Library (FoBL). The first showcase back in 2014 was a simple reading of six plays. Working closely with FoBL we have seen the event grow in production values and scale from the initial readings to a full theatrical event spread over two nights both performances sell out to audiences of over one hundred each (max capacity for the venue).

Our efforts have so far raised over 5000 to help with the work of the Friends of Burnham Library.

The plays selected for Showcase V

These seven plays are at various stages of casting and/or rehearsal

Troubled Water
by Paul Stimpson

3 middle-aged F, 1 younger M. Comedy set in Slough playing to predjudices about the town.

All parts are cast.

Heart of Lightness
by Robert Kibble

One female (20s), one male (20s). Blind girl and a young man find themselves on a train with no power, and no light.

by Sonia Weiss.

Acting Up
by Terry Adlam

One F, One M (cast) Comedy about death, love and acting - grumpy old actor dying in hospital.

Middle Lane
by Helene Narewska

1 teen F, 1mid-aged M. Comedy/drama about a father and daughter stuck on the M4 confronting their relationship.

The part of an older teenage girl is available age range 16 to 23 years.

by Lorraine Forrest-Turner

Comedy about four people who may be stalkers or 'stalkees'. (All parts cast.)

The Anniversary
by Michael Pearcy

One female (20s) cast; One male (older) not cast. Comedy, Candice should have known better than to let Philip arrange their first anniversay celebration - especially considering what happened when he arranged their wedding!

The part of Philip is available.
For more information go to Mike's website

Production stills from Showcase IV in 2017.